Why Choose Us?

We are a local electrical contractor and grade ‘A’ government accredited service provider level 2 based in Sydney and Authorised with Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy, offering services that includes emergency repairs and replacements to electricity meters, install or replacement of power pole, power line overhead/underground replacement, level 2 electrical installation and general electrical maintenance. We offer a 24/7 emergency service for all our customers, so if disaster strikes, we can be right on hand to fix the electrical problem.

With 10 years of experience, our customers can rest assured we will complete their job to the highest quality, within budget, all while ensuring that it is completed with safety in mind.

We take pride to boast of our round the clock reliable and efficient service.

  1. We provide a lifetime warranty
  2. We are a government accredited Electrician, level 2 ASP
  3. We provide a high-quality Emergency service 24/7
  4. We ensure that our services are affordable and accessible for everyone​
  5. We are fully insured & licensed
  6. We have access to all of the facilities that may be required for any situation
  7. We have over 5 expert crews promptly attending to hundreds of sites weekly

We Are Fully Authorised In:

Category 1

Disconnections/Reconnections of electrical installations from the power grid

Category 2

Install, maintain, repair Underground Service Lines

Category 3

Install, maintain, repair Overhead Service Lines

Category 4

Metering & Energising New Installations