Exhaust fan installation

As part of your home’s ventilation system, exhaust fans protect your ceiling and walls from harmful mould and bacteria buildup. As the wettest room in the house, this is especially important in bathrooms. Preventing condensation from damaging paintwork and mould from growing on surfaces, an exhaust fan is imperative for a clean, hygienic bathroom. In the kitchen, a correctly located exhaust fan will draw up smoke created from overheated frypans, as well as removing steam, fumes and unpleasant odours. And while preventing damage to your home by installing exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet seems obvious, an often-overlooked area that is prone to moisture damage is the laundry. Particularly if you use a clothes dryer through the wintertime. To minimise disturbance to the rest of the house laundry doors are often kept closed, causing a build-up of excess moisture in the room.

Surge protection - lightning protection

Protecting your appliances power surges and voltage spikes, surge protectors are designed to smooth out the fluctuations in the power supply. Power surges can be a result of transformer failure, downed powerlines, faulty wiring or high powered electrical goods switching on and off. However the most common cause of power surges, and the one most out of your control, is lightening. Installing surge protectors not only protect the people in your home or office, it can save you money in damages to voltage sensitive appliances and computers. Unlike using surge protector power boards for computers and televisions, installing a switchboard surge protector ensures a safe voltage is delivered to every appliance plugged in to your home.

Smoke alarm installation

In NSW it is a legal requirement that all residences have a minimum of one working smoke alarm installed on each level of the premises. Owner-occupied, rental, caravan, or any other buildings where people sleep all need to comply by having operational smoke alarms that meet Australian Standard AS 3786.   Hard wired smoke alarms can offer safety above battery operated alarms and you will be able to sleep easier knowing your family will be alerted to any danger in the night.

Electrical fault finding

Repeatedly tripped fuses, electrical problems in wet weather, flickering lights, or switches and outlets that don’t work can all be an indication that you have an electrical fault that needs locating. And with over a thousand electricity related injuries reported in Australia each year, it is important that you leave finding faulty wiring to a professional. Izco Electrical are experts, fully trained and experienced in safely fault finding and locating your electrical problems. With the right tools for the job and a 24/7 emergency call out service, you can be assured you are in safe hands with Izco.

Light and ceiling fan installation

Power friendly and aesthetically pleasing, indoor and outdoor fans can be an economical way to keep cool in summer. And with LED lighting consuming up to 80% less power than standard incandescent bulbs, making the switch makes economic sense. Whether for economic reasons or to upgrade the ambience of your home, you will need a licenced electrician to install all ceiling fans and lighting to comply with Australian laws.

Safety switch installation

Installing a safety switch, also known as a residual current device (RCD), can prevent injury and death in the home by cutting the supply of electricity in under 30 milliseconds when a loss of power from the circuit is detected. In effect keeping you safe by responding to the opposite problem to a surge protector. Surge protectors monitor the voltage coming in while safety switches monitor the voltage going out. If a circuit or appliance is faulty, the electricity can be earthed by the person in contact with the appliance. But while a surge protector is an optional extra in your home, a safety switch is compulsory.

Power point installation

If you are remodeling an older home or are planning a home theatre or gaming battle station, you will know that some houses just do not have enough power points. Using power boards can increase the load to the circuit, tripping the circuit breakers or even cause electrical fires. Your local electrician at Izco can help you repair or upgrade your current home by helping you replace old single outlets with double power points or power points with USB sockets, install additional outlets to high traffic areas, and test all sockets for safety and replace faulty wiring.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a good electrician?

    Finding a good electrician can be difficult. Not everyone who advertises their services is capable of providing safe, high-quality electrical work. Without the right skills and knowledge, an electrician can leave your home or office more is a worse state than before they arrived. Poor electrical work can be extremely dangerous. Before hiring an electrician, ask the following: Are they licenced to undertake the work you require? There are different Accredited Service Provider (ASP) classes and levels. Confirm that your electrician is correctly licenced and insured. Will you be issued with a certificate of electrical compliance? This is a mandatory requirement that certifies work has been done to Australian Standards. Is their licence number printed on their advertising and displayed on their website? It is an Australian requirement that electricians must display their licence number on all advertising materials. Do they provide free quotes? Make sure you are aware of how much the contractor is planning to charge for your work before they commence work. Does their quote seem too cheap? Worryingly cheap electrical work should put you off as much as a shockingly expensive one. Your electrical contractor should be affordable, honest and not rush the job to fit in as many people as possible or jack up the price at the completion of the job. And finally, read customer reviews or speak to people who have used the service before. Izco Electrical are local electrical contractors and grade A government accredited service providers. Our Level 2 electricians are authorised with Ausgrid and Endeavor Energy and offer all of the above services and more.

  • What are the most common qualities of a good electrician?

    Electricians are responsible for a wide variety of tasks and while you may have confirmed they have the technical skills to do the job, do they have the qualities of a good electrician? Your electrician should have good problem-solving skills, the ability to explain complex problems in simple terms, an eye for detail and be dependable.

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of an electrician?

    A level 2 electrician’s work is varied and includes both installation and maintenance tasks. Ranging from working on overhead and underground powerlines, meter installation, and garden lighting to installing ceiling fans and indoor lights, fault finding and defect notice repairs. Your Izco Level 2 electrician can help you plan the layout and installation of wiring throughout your entire house, review work done by previous owners to ensure it meets Australian Standards, and replace faulty or aged wiring posing a risk to your home and family. In short if it is electrical, Izco have it covered.



“Very happy with the quality of service I received with Izco Electrical. Their contractors even showed up on time!”

- J Fry

Central Coast NSW


“From the moment I called for help installing new power points in my kitchen, the team at Izco were fantastic. They helped me find the most useful place to install the outlets and worked with me to find a time that was suitable for us both.”

- L Heddle

Marsfield, NSW