What is a Level 2 Electrician?

Accredited by the NSW government, Level 2 electricians hold additional qualifications above their initial training allowing them to work with the electricity network. In order to undertake work on or near the electricity network, electricians need to be qualified to the appropriate level and class. While Level 1 electricians work solely on the distribution systems owned by the Supply Authority, a Level 2 electrician can move beyond the supply to support customers connected to the network.

A Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP) is able to perform work where low voltage customers are connected to the network via overhead or underground connections. As ASP/2 accredited electricians, Izco are able to install, repair and maintain overhead lines between your residence and the supply. In addition to this, our Level 2 Electricians can work on meter installations, connect and disconnect the electricity supply, service private power poles, perform repairs and upgrades to meter boxes, and rectify defect notices.

Why do I need a Level 2 Electrician?

The risks associated with electrical installations are high, which is why the industry is heavily regulated and it is never a good idea to attempt any electrical work yourself. To ensure the safe, continuous supply of electricity to everyone and to comply with Australian legislation, all installations, upgrades and repairs involving the main power supply to your home must be carried out by a Level 2 Electrician.

If you are planning a major renovation, building a new home or demolishing an old one, adding an extension or constructing a granny flat, you will need a Level 2 Electrician to disconnect and reconnect your power. This is not simply turning off the supply at the meter box and must never be done by anyone without a minimum of Level 2 accreditation.

Repair and maintenance to powerlines become the responsibility of the homeowner at the point at which they are connected to the point of supply. This generally means that all wires, poles, fittings and attachments from the first low voltage pole on your property are privately owned. As these are directly connected to the electricity network, you will need a Level 2 electrician to carry out and repairs and maintenance on these.

What we do

Some of the services supplied by us as Level 2 Electricians are meter installation, defect notice repair, overhead power line repair, switchboard upgrade and installation, power pole repair,  disconnection and reconnection of your power supply, three phase power upgrades from single phase power, rectification of any defect notices and provision of a Certificate of Compliance CCEW for all repairs. In addition to working directly with your
If you are unsure if you need an electrician or an ASP/2 accredited electrician, call us at Izco Electrical. Our Level 2 Electricians are able to perform the work other electricians do, they simply hold higher accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a Level 2 Electrician?

    How much you should expect to pay your Level 2 electrician depends on the job being performed. Total costs can vary based on time, consumables and difficulty but you can expect to pay anywhere between $80 and $120 per hour for your Level 2 electrician’s labour.

  • How much does it cost to install a power pole?

    Including site inspection, labour, materials, connection from the transformer to the weatherhead (the weather-proof entry point for electricidal or telephone lines, also known as the weathercap, service head, service entrance cap, or gooseneck) meter installation and pole, the average cost of an overhead connection is about $1,200.

  • Whose responsibility is it to repair power poles?

    Responsibility for repairing power poles depends on where they are located. If the power pole is located on your property, after the point of supply, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure they are maintained, repaired and replaced as needed. Power poles on the street are generally the responsibility of the power supplier.



“When we were putting a granny flat in our back yard, we had no idea where to start when it came to hooking up the power. Izco explained it in a way that made sense and helped us through the whole process.”

- A Scott

Hornsby NSW


“We wanted to upgrade to a smart meter to help us save money by cutting back on our power usage. Izco made the process simple and did it at a time that didn’t interupt our lives greatly.”

- B Hudson

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“I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to get the gooseneck on our house relocated so I could have a roof constructed over our balcony.”

- C Cramer

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