Have you encountered this problem? Usually when you receive a defect notice you will be required to complete this task within 30 days , Although by calling Level 2 electrician Sydney we can guarantee you that we will do our best to repair your house wiring , switchboard or Pole and get your power back on again fast. Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy inspect properties ramdomly and give defective notices to home owners when service cables, Brackets or other fittings are deemed a hazardous to the home or network. Very commonly, the sun damages insulation on cabling also known as UV Damaged mains. Although it doesn’t end there, if a bracket is rusted or broken or if your fascia board is rotten you may also be given a defective notice. Residents in Sydney can receive a certain time in which these repairs have to be completed by – 30 days is the common time period for mandatory repairs but in some unfortunate cases customers can be disconnected on the point of attachment!
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